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The Summer Innovation Campus is a comprehensive event of innovation and technology transfer, aiming at a fusion of academia and the market, in order to create synergies that promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and contribute to the economic development of the region. The first edition of this event focuses on the sharing of knowledge, created by the scientific research carried out at UTAD, with companies, in order to align the objectives and expectations of both parties and to give a structured follow-up to the research proposals and market needs.


The event will take place on September 26th, and will host plenary sessions, thematic workshops and pitching of projects and ideas. 


At the end of the first day, in order to celebrate this joint participation between the various attendees, to strengthen the relationship between schools, research groups, students, etc., a sunset will finish the day with music and animation.

26 SET 2019
Concurso de Ideias
Ideas Contest
Destaque Oradores
Norbert Streitz
Redefining the "Smart-Everything" Paradigm in an All-Automated Economy
Miguel Pinto
Tomorrow‘s Intelligent car conectivity
João Moura
Enabling creativity and collaboration in Higher Education – Office 365 in Education.
Christine Riedmann-Streitz
Rethinking Innovation in the Digital Age
Pedro Pinto
Change Lives Through Innovation
Gabriele Freitas
Let’s talk about Blockchain
Vitor Santos
Creativity in Information Systems: Building Software for Automatic Idea Generation
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